Monday, January 31, 2011

About Me

        My name is Conor McCloskey, I am a sophomore at RIC and a Secondary Education/ History Major.  This semester, like each one before it, is proving to be the busiest yet.  I was born in New York and moved to Rhode Island around the age of five. I went to South Kingstown High School where I ran cross country and track, all three seasons, all four years and even managed to be captain of all three teams my junior and senior year.  I currently run for the track team here at RIC.
        Outside of the classroom I spend most of my time running and doing school work, however I enjoy doing other things for fun.  I play guitar and I am a huge music fan, I like too many different musicians to list and I do not like people to know my music taste before they know me because I believe too many people (including myself) judge other people by their music taste. Musical taste is an opinion, not a fact.  I am also a big movie fan, and again there are too many great ones to list, though currently i would say my favorite movie is Inception (subject to change). I support the New York Yankees- again I was born in New York.  My favorite sport is to watch is soccer, I do my best to follow the English Premiere League though it is hard because it is based in another country, I am a HUGE Liverpool fan. I also love hiking and traveling.