Monday, April 4, 2011

Title IX


     Almost 40 years after the passing of Title IX (Gov't Doc), controversy still surrounds the subject.  After reading a basic History of the subject I researched modern day issues, opinions and theories.  After sifting through the ignorant male chauvinistic and extreme feminist rants and absurdities, I found very convincing arguments for both sides.  In a Kate O'Bearn Interview, she argues against Title IX claiming it is harmful to young boys.  However in a more convincing argument, New York University Ethics and Philosophy Professor Christian Hoff Sommers.  She is the author of a couple of books however her two most controversial are The War Against Boys and Who Stole Feminism?  Personally I found her opinions to be very unique, as she argues that feminism has put men, but especially boys in a dilemma, as they don't know how to be a "boy" or "gentleman" anymore in a society dominated by feminists. (I am computer illiterate so  I will post some of her videos in a separate blog)

In a 60 minutes report, male college athletes say that they are losing sports programs to women's programs by way of Title IX.  I found it harder to find a Pro Title IX opinion than finding material against Title IX. 

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